Imperial harem RJ286695 Save Data

Imperial harem RJ286695 Save Data


The ultimate “touch training” system that can be operated intuitively!

Click and drag to operate intuitively, and the heroine reacts in real time.

The popular “touch-and-train” system has been further refined to give you the realistic sensation of actually touching the heroine.

The popular “realistic feeling as if you were actually touching her” touch training system has been further refined for a stress-free and highly flexible training experience.


You are a minister of an empire.

You are the minister of an empire, and with the emperor lying on his sickbed, you have been running the government and lining your own pockets as you see fit.

However, the emperor’s only daughter, Princess Tiana, and her entourage are threatening your position.

They are trying to eliminate you as a wicked subject with their clean and honest politics.

You are in a political crisis.

Then, a mysterious “ring” that makes women fall in love with you changes your destiny…

Aruru, the chief maid of the beastmen tribe, is extremely skilled in combat and espionage.

–Take advantage of the beastmen’s unique mating season and turn her into a sex slave who is as good as an animal!

Fie, a research-crazed court alchemist who pursues “truth” as his supreme value.

–Make her go wild with sexual pleasure, and break her expressionless face like a mask!

And then there is Tiana, a beautiful princess with the noblest spirit of all.

–You will have to use every means at your disposal to crush the heart of Tiana, even her trusted aides!

Three beautiful women who are also your hated political enemies.

Take control of their minds, bodies, and even the real power of the empire with the pleasure of “touching” them!

The “touch training simulation” presented by Laplus finally breaks through the limits of expression!

Animation that keeps moving!

Smooth seamless animation at 60fps using Live2D is still alive and well in this title.

The heroines are fully voiced by gorgeous voice actors, and they will be in a wild state of excitement as you give them pleasure!

Strengthen the hero with the power of the “Ring of the Incubus”!

The only weapon the hero (you) has is the magical tool “Ring of Incubus”.

The points you gain from training the heroine can be converted into sexual power.

You can become a powerful man of great vigor, a technician who can drive a woman crazy with just the tip of his finger, or – depending on your choice – a master of the art of training.

The game will change dramatically depending on your choice!

The total number of lines has finally exceeded 4000. A full range of reactions and scenario branching!

The variation and reality of the heroine’s reactions have been further enhanced!

All training phases have a wide variety of reactions to provide you with “never-ending” training scenes!

If you succeed in degrading all the heroines, you can even see the harem end!

The cuckold element included in this title is a “yuri” cuckold. It does not include the so-called common cuckold elements, and there is no cuckold-flavored IF bad end like in the past works.

About the demo version

Due to the processing of real-time animation, there is a possibility that the game may not work properly depending on the PC environment.

Please check the operation with the trial version.

New feature! New feature: Smartphone controller!

A new feature that goes beyond even the concept of touching with a mouse!
You can now touch and train using the touch panel on your smartphone!

Although there are still some bugs due to the fact that it is still under development, we continue to update it daily and it is growing as a signature system of Laplus!
We will keep you posted on Ci-en for more information on the status of updates.

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How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Imperial harem RJ286695” and use it.

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