H na sakaba e you koso RJ287865 Save Data

H na sakaba e you koso RJ287865 Save Data


A game in which you manage a bar in order to pay off your debts.

 Suddenly, they are in debt,
 The hero and heroine have to manage a bar.

 If they can’t pay back the debt, of course, they have to get fucked by a man between them!
 And it is not only the debt collectors who are after her,
 but also the store’s regulars and other men.

 Can you avoid their evil hands?
 Can you avoid their clutches and be united with the heroine?

 Number of CG
  About 50 basic CG + more than 10 shadow pictures
  There are also shadowgraphs and animated parts of the body.

  You can earn money at the bar by touching and panting.
  Of course, if you get naughty, you can have sex!

 0Kagee anime
  You can watch anime when the heroine is having sex with others.
  And you can watch it at the same time as the number of times you have sex, etc., so you can make progress!

 Dad Activity
  You can also earn money through daddy activity after work!
  You can even see her having sex behind the wall!

 0 Desire level
  If it rises, she will get drunk,
  and have sex with customers.

 Date with a married man
  You will date the other man and become his lover.
  When they become lovers, they have sex here and there

 Date with heroine
  You can take off the heroine’s clothes and touch her.
  You can take the heroine to a party and have sex with her.

 Debt Hell
  If you can’t pay back the weekly debt, the heroine will be fucked.
  At first, the heroine may not like it, but gradually she will be able to get laid.

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How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “H na sakaba e you koso RJ287865” and use it.

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