NoTearsAction~ Aru anee no ninpouchou~ RJ297128 Save Data

NoTearsAction~ Aru anee no ninpouchou~ RJ297128 Save Data


Kunoichi Al sister fights against bandits in this card action game! The sex is animated!

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*The crackling bug has been fixed.
Please check it out in the trial version!

All H-scenes are animated and voiced!
All H-scenes in NoTears are animated!
In addition, this title features voice actors and the characters speak in the action part, story part, and of course in the sex scenes!

Powerful action game using Unity!
In addition, the game comes with a slimy animation using Spine!
Al-sister will move during the action and various scenes, not to mention the sex scenes!

Action Game
NoTears’ first horizontal action game!
The “Skill Card System” allows you to perform not only normal attacks, but also powerful skill attacks!
Various cards exist,
There are cards that can attack a wide area, cards that can recover, and cards that have effects that strengthen other cards,
There are also cards with effects that enhance other cards. ……!

For example,
For example, “a card that has a low skill power but can fire in rapid succession” and “a card that has a high skill power but can fire in rapid succession”.

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After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “NoTearsAction~ Aru anee no ninpouchou~ RJ297128” and use it.

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