Noru Tina no hihou RJ300322 Save Data

Noru Tina no hihou RJ300322 Save Data



Long ago, deep within the Sea of Trees, far from human habitation, there existed a barren wilderness that spread unnaturally.
There was no grass or trees in the area, and even the demons living nearby would not go near it, as it was an isolated island on land.

Then, suddenly, a powerful energy was released from the wilderness,
A huge ancient ruin appeared in the place that used to be a wilderness.
The aftermath of this energy was observed by human nations,
Rumors spread that these were the “Ruins of Nortina” of legend.

Numerous adventurers attempted to reach the ruins, but the sea of trees was so steep that adventurers simply gave up and returned home.
And then there was Arret, a treasure hunter who had long hoped to succeed in his great adventure.
He decides to challenge the ruins of Nortina.
After crossing the sea of trees and mountains, Arret finally arrived at the ruins of Nortina…


The protagonist of this work.
In order to make a name for himself as a treasure hunter, he takes on the challenge of the ruins of Nortina, which suddenly appear.
He is a tenacious and caring character.

■ Ist.
A priest boy sent by the Kingdom of Pardia to investigate the ruins.
He was working together with the female knight Eureka, but they were separated by a trap at the ruins.
Despite his quiet behavior, he has a strong core.

A female knight sent by the Knights of the Kingdom of Pardia with Isto.
She is a proud warrior, but a bit hard-headed.

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