Houkago roshutsu joshikousei 2 RJ302418 Save Data

Houkago roshutsu joshikousei 2 RJ302418 Save Data


An RPG in which you control a lascivious schoolgirl and expose yourself in an after-school school setting.

Version information
 The current version is ver.1.05.


The main character, Sumire Fujishiba
a little bit lascivious schoolgirl who becomes so naughty that her personality changes when she is in heat.
She is a slightly lascivious schoolgirl.

Her greatest pleasure is to stay after school and expose herself in the classroom.

But recently, she is not satisfied with just taking off her clothes in the classroom. ……

Unable to contain her excitement, Sumire ran out of the classroom and
She starts exposing herself in various places in the school.

Let’s expose ourselves in various places!

This work is an easy RPG without combat, which can be exposed in various places in the school!

Walk around the map and go anywhere you like.

Press “A” on the keyboard to expose yourself at that location!

Classroom, restroom, swimming pool, gym, staff room…

Enjoy exposing yourself in various places such as classrooms, toilets, swimming pools, gymnasiums, staff rooms… and more!

(This may not be possible in some places or during some events.)

5 outfits to choose from!

This work includes

Uniforms, Gym Uniforms, Swimming Suits, Ballet Costumes, Judo Suits

There will be five costumes in the series!

Let’s get exposed in a variety of costumes!

You can expose yourself while seducing!

New elements from this work! Tempting Exposure!

You can seduce mob characters (NPCs) who are acting alone in the school.
You can seduce them!

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Houkago roshutsu joshikousei 2 RJ302418” and use it.

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