Mental Anne dead RJ306805 Save Data

Mental  Anne dead RJ306805 Save Data


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Ordinary people living in modern Japan are summoned without warning to a place where “the continent itself is a spaceship.

They are told that the world they have been living in is a virtual reality of the “outer world” they have been called to, and that the outer world is in danger from aliens who have flown in and demand that they fight to eliminate them.

This work was created with RPG Toolkool MV ver. 1.62.
 The listed operating environment is the standard described on the official TSCOOL website.


It is a typical turn-based RPG, but for the main characters are ordinary ordinary people,
They cannot level up or learn special moves.

Also, because they are peaceful modern people, they are mentally drained with each attack on their enemies.

Therefore, in addition to losing physical strength (vitality) due to enemy attacks,
In addition to losing one’s vitality due to enemy attacks, a fighter may also fall due to mental limitations caused by continued hard fighting.

■ heroines who can be attacked ■

The heroines who can be attacked are
A sporty girl with a tsundere-like personality.

Coquettish pussy

Intellectual clunky crunchy glasses

but in all three cases, in addition to the fornication with the protagonist,
The pranks of being taken advantage of by mental exhaustion, and
and the fall of a sexual processor after being forced to become a cripple.

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