Soru kishidan~ kishi to daraku no monogatari~ RJ311963 Save Data

Soru kishidan~ kishi to daraku no monogatari~ RJ311963 Save Data


If you lose, they will take your heart. Cuckold SRPG!

The Republic to which the Knights of Sol belong,
once fought against barbarian armies for the dispatch of the continent.

When the war was just about to settle down, a kidnapping of a noble’s daughter occurred.
Sol and his team are ordered to solve the problem and fight against many barbarians…

The barbarians have a long-established culture of using the women they have defeated on the battlefield as their consolation prize.
If they are not careful on the battlefield, their fellow knights can be raped and stolen from them!
Can the Knights of Sol keep their pride and peace?

The five main heroines are defeated on the battlefield, and an H event will occur.
The events progress step by step as the player loses more and more battles,
After a certain number of defeats, the girls will eventually turn against each other.

As the story progresses.
You can get disadvantage items such as “Weapon of Pride”, “Weapon of Curse”, “Medicine of Weakness”, “Medicine of Poison”, and so on.
and other disadvantage items.

There are two types of endings: good ending and bad ending.

 The protagonist of this work,
 He is the leader of the Order of the Knights and is trusted by its members.

 A female knight who rides a dragon.
 She has been with Salt for a long time and is often entrusted as the leader of the team.

 Healer belonging to the knighthood.
 She has a harsh personality, but she is merciful.

 A female knight who likes to show off.
 She has a strong sense of justice and is a bit of a hothead.


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