Devil Slayer RJ312578 Save Data

Devil Slayer RJ312578 Save Data


R18 Fantasy RPG


January 11, 2021

Fixed a bug of dragon battle in Devil’s Tower


↑↓→←Up ↑Down ↓→← Move

Decide Z

X Cancel / Menu

Q Open menu of erotic scene

Ctrl Skip

◆ Game Contents

R18 Fantasy RPG

20 basic HCGs


Rape, Prostitution, Heteroeroticism


The Princess Knight Sibella leads the main force of her kingdom’s expeditionary force to a remote area to defeat a demon that has suddenly appeared. A dangerous and erotic journey awaits Sibella and her companions.


Enter “1127” at the stone statues around the village to get a bonus and enter easy mode.


Sibella] Princess of the Kingdom of Baltonia. She led an expeditionary force to the evil destroyed land to defeat demons. Weapon: Axe spear and sword CV: Soramame.

Maria] One of the chief knights of the kingdom and a close friend of Sybella. She has gone missing after leading an advance party to a corrupt village. Weapon: Great sword, sword CV: Megumu Morino

Claudia] A mercenary from a gladiatorial background. Weapon: swordCV: Ryouki Ryou

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