Makenchan bad day RJ314212 Save Data

Makenchan bad day RJ314212 Save Data


A short game in which a girl, Hikari Inuochi, a.k.a. Magic Inu-chan, whose dick has been grown back by a rival magical girl, fights to get her body back!

All sex scenes are animated and can be viewed by fighting against enemies, winning, and events.
Once you have seen the sex scene, you can view it in the gallery mode.

There are 13 types of sex animations in total
9 types of sexual intercourse
Fellatio 1 kind
1 hand job
1 tongue kiss
Restraint Piston Machine Blame 1

Combat is a type of command battle in which you can act when your gauge builds up.
All enemy attacks can be prevented by guarding, so guarding is important.
The game has a rather monotonous specification that you can always win if you guard well.

When an enemy’s HP is reduced to 70% or less, you can take away his clothes and strip him naked.
Also, if you reduce the HP to 20% or less, you can finish the enemy off with a sex attack!
By the way, the standing picture during the battle is also animated. Pressing the clock symbol on the command stops the gauge from rising and neither the player nor the enemy can act, so if you want to appreciate the standing picture, press the clock symbol.

If you select “Continue” after defeating the last boss, the game will restart from the point before the last boss was defeated.

The play time (all sex scenes recovered) is a short work of about 15 to 25 minutes.
In the trial version, you can play for about 5 minutes and see 3 sex scenes.

Be sure to check the operation with the trial version.

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After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Makenchan bad day RJ314212” and use it.

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