Chounyuujuusha to Buretotou RJ320446 Save Data

Chounyuujuusha to Buretotou RJ320446 Save Data



A new nobleman is entrusted as a lord to settle an island called Breto Island.
But the island is full of dungeons.
Let’s investigate together with his female followers!

The lord’s followers are three blonde, long-haired, and very busty sisters.
Elesia is the eldest, Fieris the second, and Sariena the third.
They are very strong and all three love their lord.
They support the squires and make equipment for them,
They explore the dungeon while supporting their followers and making equipment.

◆Game Contents

This is a non-field dungeon exploration RPG.
The dungeon is explored by selecting 6 event panels.
You can return anytime if you are not in the middle of a battle. Auto play is also available for the exploration part.

No defeat in battle! The ladies with super tits (and their masters) will not be defeated!
If you just want to clear the game, you can just attack without using any skills.
(If you fight too roughly, it will affect your battle evaluation and you will not be able to accumulate enough points to release H-scenes.)

◆H scene

24 basic CGs (8 per person x 3)
Every scene is one-on-one play between master and female.
Illustrations are breast-centered with a lot of normal position and tit-fucking.
The situations are basically flirting, with a lot of male dominance.
The master is quick to produce a lot of cum.
Also, every H scene is pure love between Love and Love.

H scenes can be released by using the points (SP) you get by progressing the story and clearing dungeons.

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Chounyuujuusha to Buretotou RJ320446” and use it.

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