Netorare! kamikaze baseball RJ324792 Save Data

Netorare! kamikaze baseball RJ324792 Save Data


Nanako Chimiji

She is a childhood friend of the main character and has a bright and serious personality!

She plays the pitcher’s position, is a hard worker, and is good at working hard.

She has little experience with men and seems to have a slight romantic interest in the main character (the player), her childhood friend.

Height 159cm

Weight 47kg

Foot size 23.5cm

Breast size C cup

Number of times had sex: 0

Sexual zone: Inside of the mouth

Mika Nakano

She has an energetic and good-natured personality, but she plays with a lot of guts!

She doesn’t know much about sex, and although she is interested in it, she hasn’t put it into practice yet…but how does she end up having sex in this film?

Height 153cm

Weight 40kg

Foot size 22.5cm

Breast size B cup

Number of times had sex: 0


0uraki Hikaru

She is a baseball fool and a man-less girl in this work.

She has a nice face but has no experience with men.

I wonder how she will be developed in this film…

Height 161cm

Weight 52kg

Foot size 24cm

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