Chirashi no ura no H game RJ326130 Save Data

Chirashi no ura no H game RJ326130 Save Data


The protagonist of this work

Reno’s brother

A good playmate and caring older brother of Renuno and her classmates

Introduction of Characters

○ Renno

Younger sister of the main character

A calm and natural girl with big boobs who doesn’t notice even if her pants are showing.

Loves her big brother


Renno’s classmate

A very naughty girl with an adhesive bandage on her nose and a suntan mark

Love for the main character


Renno’s classmate

A slightly cool half-blonde girl who speaks in an unusual young lady’s language

She has secret feelings for the main character.

○ Gross man

Classmate of the main character

He’s just smelly, dirty, and disgusting.

He is a pervert who finds a girl and stalks her persistently.

He can’t control his lust and finally…

The world behind the flyer is now an exploration game!

It was created in RPG Tskool MZ.

You can find the characters that appear in various places,

You can find the characters that appear in various places and talk to them to release events.

It is also about girls having a good relationship with the main character,

or be preyed upon by a creepy guy, it depends on the player’s actions.

If you are interested in the background and event illustrations as well as the genre of the game, please play the game!

If you feel something about the background and event illustrations, including the genre, please give this game a try!

Total number of events: about 30

Total number of illustrations: more than 80

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Chirashi no ura no H game RJ326130” and use it.

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