Inma koroshi no maken RJ341572 Save Data

Inma koroshi no maken RJ341572 Save Data



The “Demon Sword of the Whore Slayer” was once used by a brave man who stood up to a lecherous demon.

The sword was sealed in a dungeon after the battle with the whore was over.

However, several hundred years have passed, and the lewd demon has resurrected once again.

The hero, as a descendant of a hero, decides to go to the dungeon to retrieve the demon sword that remains in the lore.

However, the sword is a flying thing that can only be used if it is subjected to the whore’s torture until it is on the verge of climax. ……

Game Contents

This is an RPG in which the protagonist, who has obtained a demon sword, conquers the dungeon in which the demon sword was sealed while defeating lewd demons.

The level of excitement increases as the lewd demon blames him.

If the excitement level is adjusted so that it is between 90 and 100, the lewd demon can be defeated by the power of the demon sword.

However, if it exceeds 100, you will be made to come… and you will be squeezed to death by the whore and defeated.

If you fall into a trap or a situation where you cannot use the magic sword in the first place, you may not stand a chance at that point…

Don’t let yourself be corrupted by the temptation of the whore, defeat the whore and conquer the dungeon.

11 basic CGs, 177 CGs including differences, 29 kinds of defeat scenes.

Difficulty system

The difficulty level can be selected at the beginning of the game and when the menu is open.

Normal Mode

 There are no warnings for enemy special attacks or traps, so there is a possibility of sudden defeat or game over.

Easy Mode

 Enemies’ special kill warnings and trap options are displayed in red.

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