Regain RJ353509 Save Data

Regain RJ353509 Save Data


An RPG that struggles to restore the succubus’ vigor!

I started helping my Succubus sisters to recover their energy.
I’m under house arrest, but I find myself doing this and that with the succubus sisters!
I’m told that if I help them, they’ll let me go, so I’ll do my best to help them!

Game System

Adjust the likability and frustration levels well to advance the story!
The likability and frustration levels change with every choice you make.
Some events may occur by daring to raise the frustration level…?
There are 7 different endings!
The endings branch off depending on the level of likability and frustration.
Some sub-characters also have their own scenarios!

Character Introduction 1


Eldest daughter of the Succubus sisters.
She is usually mild-mannered,
but when she gets angry, she is scary.

Eris (Greek goddess of strife)

Second daughter of the Succubus sisters.
She is what is called a tsundere.
She is selfish and has a harsh personality, but she really has more common sense than anyone else.


Youngest of the Succubus sisters.
She is not a good talker. She has a quiet personality, but sometimes she spits venom.
She is still a child, and playing is her first priority.

Character Introduction 2


A woman who works for the succubus sisters.
It is unknown if she is a succubus.
She is basically a troublemaker and loves herself.

†Black cat†

???? Invited by

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How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Regain RJ353509” and use it.

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