Taihai shoujo ending note RJ353672 Save Data

Taihai shoujo ending note RJ353672 Save Data


This world was invaded by a mysterious disease.
It is a mysterious disease called “Shin-Metsubi Disease.
A mysterious disease in which the mind gradually disappears and the body stops functioning along with it.

What can we do to save our benefactor’s grandson from such a disease?
It is to save her by developing …… sensitivity.
Sensitivity cultivation touch simulation.

0 Characters
Perpetia (nickname: Per)
A girl who has been afflicted with a “heart-destroying disease.
She used to be kind and gentle, but due to her illness, she is unable to express her emotions.

Perpetia’s maid.
She manages items and skills.

0Game system
The game is to develop Perpetia’s body while managing her strength and energy.
At first, she is not very responsive and her sensitivity does not increase easily,
However, by patiently dealing with her, she will gradually become more and more responsive.

You can collect points by touching her to develop her skills and open her album.

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zNotice regarding the saved data of the old version.
We have verified the migration of saved data in the new version (v1.1), but stable migration could not be achieved in the author’s environment.
We are very sorry, but if you want to keep the record of the old version, please do not delete the old version.
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