Akuma keiyakushi – Devil Contractor – RJ354731 Save Data

Akuma keiyakushi – Devil Contractor – RJ354731 Save Data


A harem RPG where you contract cute Akumas from one end to the other!

In a certain town, there lived an unusual man.
His name is Eric Idiofia.
He is a bit difficult, and runs a shop selling anything and everything.
But that is not his true self.
His true identity is that of a “demon contractor” who uses his own magical power to make contracts with demons and subjugate them!

He receives demon-related requests from people in need and solves various cases with his skills.

Eric: “–Nana. It looks like you won’t be bored today!
Nana: “Really? Eric!
Eric: “Yeah! Let’s get ready to go!
Nana: “Yes!

–This is an unusual story about a demon contractor and his past.

The main character’s name can be changed.

◆Game Outline
 Genre: 3D random dungeon RPG
 Number of basic CG:30 Number of difference:802
 Total number of scenes: 71 (mini-scenes: 36)
 Playing time: 25 hours or more (Normal difficulty: approximate)
 Number of endings: 1

◆Game Features

Everything has been greatly improved from the previous title “Sekudan”!

1. More refined 3D dungeons
 Randomly formed 3D dungeons with a nostalgic dot-picture style!
 Various gimmicks, such as switches and altars, block your way…
 You can also examine the rarity and enchantment of recovered unappraised items,

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