Onna boukensha mistake Min to hihoutou RJ354943 Save Data

Onna boukensha mistake Min to hihoutou RJ354943 Save Data


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Collect coins and get abilities! Change your appearance and have various sex scenes!
Easy 2D action game that can be played quickly and easily by making full use of your abilities!


An island where adventurers gather, “Secret Treasure Island”.
It is said that one of the world’s three greatest treasures is hidden there.

MISMIN, a veteran adventurer, has also come to the island in search of the hidden treasure.
The island is full of other adventurers seeking the hidden treasure and the monsters that inhabit it.

During her adventures, she met Mahobon, a book of magic.
Daketo, an adventurer friend and rival.

He runs around the treasure island, making full use of his various abilities powered by Mahobon.
During their adventures, they are sometimes caught by naughty enemies or caught in naughty traps…

MISMIN’s adventure begins in search of a hidden treasure that no one has ever obtained!


I’m going to get the treasure and become the best adventurer in the world! I’ll do my best~’

She is an adventurous girl who loves unusual things.
She travels around the world on adventures and is well known among adventurers as a veteran adventurer.

She hears rumors of treasures on a hidden treasure island. She came to the island to take a look at the treasure.

“You can get it by stealing your opponent’s ability!”

The magic book, known as Mahobon, that MISMIN picked up.
He is a foul-mouthed and sullen man, but he cares about Mistmine and helps her out.

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After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Onna boukensha mistake Min to hihoutou RJ354943” and use it.

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