Kue suto& quest~ bi chi boukensha azami hen RJ365243 Save Data

Kue suto& quest~ bi chi boukensha azami hen RJ365243 Save Data


Muscle Ninja Girl’s Short RPG!


Azami, a female adventurer, is a little girl.

She has come to an adventurer’s guild in a certain town.

What she is going to challenge is a nameless “erotic trap dungeon” that few people even know exists.

However, the head of the Adventurers’ Guild is reluctant to give her information, let alone permission to explore the dungeon.

Azami manages to negotiate with him, but he refuses to give her any information. A suspicious man approaches Azami and says, “I will give you information if you pay me money.

Believing the man’s words, Azami decides to earn money by any means necessary.

Will Azami be able to challenge the “Erotic Trap Dungeon”?

And what is Azami’s true purpose for challenging the “Erotic Trap Dungeon”?


 It is a simple RPG (no sound).

 (No sound).


 The base of H original picture is 23 pictures. The volume of the event pictures including the differences is 91 pictures in total.

 The estimated playing time is about 30 minutes to 1 hour. It is a short RPG that can be enjoyed easily.

 There are 17 H scenes in total. (Basically, the game is designed so that you can collect the scenes automatically as you progress through the game.)


 Genre : Fantasy / Big Tits / Muscle / Fellatio / Titjob / Cum Inside / Tentacle


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