Nagasarete monstertou – monster island – RJ376187 Save Data

Nagasarete monstertou – monster island – RJ376187 Save Data



This is a dungeon exploration type RPG where the battle is the main attraction.
Naughty battle-fucking on a girl warrior with her back turned!
Use various pranks during the battle, such as butt slaps and whips.
Get out of the way of the girl’s battle and let the monsters escape!

The pranks played by the girls and monsters during battle are animated.
There are 16 kinds of pranks!
(Whip, weak and strong butt slap, butt licking, butt rubbing, hand job, branding, graffiti, etc.)
Tentacle throwing → bukkake derivation, candle, anal beads, vibrator, piston, breast rub, lotion)

The number of types of mischief will increase as you obtain items and complete events.

Many differences, voices, animations, and cut-ins will be used to liven things up.


A young girl is knocked into the sea by the captain of a ship, who is her client’s displeasure, while she is asked to escort him.
She ends up on an island sealed off by a goddess and inhabited only by monsters.
To avenge her grudge against the captain, she sets out to escape from the island.
At that time, she is captured and raped by “Kaim,” a monster who is the island’s administrator, and by contract, she is able to take hostile action against Kaim.
The contract prevents him from taking any hostile actions against Kaim.
The contract is reversed and they become “unable to attack each other,” but it is discovered that sexual acts such as caressing are not included in the attacks.
The game of the girl who wants to break the seal and leave the island vs. the Kaim who follows her around sexually harassing her in order to stop her begins now. ……

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After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Nagasarete monstertou – monster island – RJ376187” and use it.

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