Moriya osen~ kegare ni mamireru genjinshin~ RJ376652 Save Data

Moriya osen~ kegare ni mamireru genjinshin~ RJ376652 Save Data


Touhou Project Second Creation
The main character is in love with the three pillars of the Moriya Shrine and is defiled, raped, and gang-raped without the main character’s knowledge!
Enjoy the lasciviousness of the fantasy girl who is raped without her knowledge, while the main character, a mere human, is helpless to do anything about it.
All scenes are animated in Live2D, so you can see the fantasy girls being raped smoothly.

Sanae is a shrine maiden. She falls in love with the main character, “You”, but is attacked by someone who does not take it well!

Kannako, one of the gods. She is a god, and humans are no match for her. However, when she took “you,” who is also a human, hostage, there was nothing we could do.

Suwako, one of the gods. Human desire is directed at her, even though she is relatively petite.

Gods exposed to human desires. Even the rape scenes in which the helpless fantasy girl is raped are smoothly animated in Live2D!

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