?????????????? fukushuu ou Rukiusu RJ381244 Save Data

?????????????? fukushuu ou Rukiusu RJ381244 Save Data


Main Character Introduction

Number of basic event stills: 34

A revenge drama against the kingdom by Lucius, the main character with demon blood!

Theresia, his black-hearted sister, and Raschka, his former fiancée.

The story is spun by fascinating characters such as the happy-go-lucky Sabato and the muscle-bound Jeanne.

Many other attractive characters appear.

Various girls appear as the story progresses!

game system

High-speed battle with a total of 12 participants!

Up to 3 parties can be organized and must be combined well.

In addition, there is a quest system to deepen the story.

The power of the demon tribe turns girls into douchebags!

Rukius’ demonic powers turn the girls in the show into dicks one after another!

You can enjoy the change of the girl’s appearance from obedience to rebellion to f*cking.

Also, the fighting ability will be improved by becoming a n*gga!

You will need to decide how you will use the “power of the demons” points.

How will Prince Lucius’ revenge plot end?

The game features multiple endings, with the ending changing depending on the player’s choices.

Will the main character, Lucius, become the “High King” or the “True King”?

Additional updates planned, including “Pregnancy Scene

Approximately within six months of release,

We plan to update at least four additional scenes within about six months of release.

Current Ver.

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