Castle of Temptation RJ382297 Save Data

Castle of Temptation RJ382297 Save Data


About this game

In order to become an adventurer, people have to pass a test in the “Enchanted Castle”. Only those with a strong will can overcome their temptations as they wander through the castle full of monster girls and traps.

There are no weapons in this game and you cannot attack. You wear only a jacket to withstand the monster girls’ attacks.
If you lose your jacket, you may be raped by the monster girls!
Find a way to escape from them and pass the test!

All H-scenes are animated with dots!

At least 70 different H-scenes!
More than 30 kinds of demon girls and abundant traps!
Many H-scenes with many motion and dialogues.
In the virgin mode, the dialogue and H-scenes are even more varied!

This game is mainly female-dominated intercourse.
Players will be subjected to sexual attacks and reverse rape in the stage.
This includes cowgirl, normal position, back, handjob, footjob, pie-slapping, blowjob, breastfeeding, forced masturbation, brainwashing, morphology change, body change, prenatal regression, and more.
All H-scenes include a large amount of ejaculation.

You are surrounded by the temptation of monster girls and traps, and the only thing you can rely on is your own will.
Will you be able to complete the test? Or…

What secrets await the player in this castle?


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