Shiryou tsukai riizerotte to inki no meikyuu RJ384826 Save Data

Shiryou tsukai riizerotte to inki no meikyuu RJ384826 Save Data


A slightly silly girl dives through a labyrinth while summoning spirits of the dead with her sperm!

H scene trend.
The labyrinth’s lewdness puts her in heat, and she has sex with adventurers and demons.
H with a male prostitute in a whorehouse for women
Stealing other adventurers’ sex.

Lieselotte, a girl who wants to become a necromancer, dives into the labyrinth to pass the test.
The labyrinth is a place that brings lust to those who dive into it.

Lieselotte accepts or resists the lust to go deeper into the labyrinth.

Number of H-scenes
14 basic CGs (more than 100 difference)
Number of scenes: 30

About H-scene
You can see the scene you viewed once again in the game.

(Examples of H-scenes)
Masturbation by hand
Masturbation with a vibrator
Fellatio to an adventurer
Hanging out with an adventurer
Getting fucked by adventurers
4P with Adventurers
Being fucked by a goblin
Raped by a slime
Raped by tentacles
Raped by a beastman
Having sex with a summoned zombie in the bathtub
Raped by a slime … Raped by a tentacle … Raped by a beast … Raped by a zombie summoned in a bath
Raped by a zombie summoned by a beast in the bathtub
Riding on a triangular wooden horse
Watching other adventurers having sex: …… etc.

About the game
Play time is about 3-4 hours.
The development changes between virgin and non-virgin play.
It is possible to synthesize items to create items that will give you an advantage in your adventures.

Introduction of some H-scenes

Character Introductions

《”《Dead Man 》

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Shiryou tsukai riizerotte to inki no meikyuu RJ384826” and use it.

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