Agent/Sirius~ kairaku zeijaku na kanojo da tte gakuen wo sennou kaijintachi kara mamoritai!~ RJ388166 Save Data

Agent/Sirius~ kairaku zeijaku na kanojo da tte gakuen wo sennou kaijintachi kara mamoritai!~ RJ388166 Save Data


A beautiful detective girl fights a monster who tries to control the school with pleasure brainwashing! The true identity of the detective is… a skilled agent!


Akezubeni, the head of the detective club, senses a disturbing atmosphere in the school.
Mysterious incidents happening one after the other… Numerous lewd and disturbing events…
Beni, who is also an agent of a secret society, knows what it is.
It is the dark work of a monster who tries to control people by brainwashing them with pleasure.

Eight suspects emerge.

Before the monster corrupts the school, he must find out the culprit and stop his ambition…!
Beni and her partner and chaperone, Nadeshiko Shiratora, begin their investigation!

Game Overview

This game is a search type AVG.
The game progresses in the following order: inquire, identify the culprit, battle, and win.

Of course, there is a possibility of defeat in the battle.
If you lose, you will succumb to pleasure brainwashing and become a pawn of the monster.
Other elements to be collected include character notes (character introductions), a monster illustrated book, and a world guide (world setting).
We hope you enjoy the various settings that are not discussed in the main game.

The characters and worldview are the same as those in the serialized story “Flashlight Super Squad Iris Blade” in Nocturne Novels.
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*Erotic scenes

The main heroine, Beni Suzaku, has a special constitution that requires her to masturbate to release it when her pleasure pollution level rises to a certain degree.
Therefore, a masturbation event will occur each time the pleasure pollution level rises.
Of course, as the pollution gets worse, the behavior escalates.
If you lose to the monsters who are trying to control the school, you will enter the corruption route, where you will have a defeat H and a service H after the corruption.

Example: In the case of Blind Poison

If you are defeated by a monster who amplifies and spreads the pleasure of the “blindfold fetish”…
The bat mask is put on, and you are left with nothing to do.
However, she is made to feel good by tweaking her nipples and sucking her cock, and she falls…

She serves her master with her partner who has fallen before her.
And then she reports to her master how she has corrupted the other heroines…

*About the demo version

This demo version includes the beginning of the main story and the battle with the monster.
All contents overlap with the main story.
There is no transfer of save data.

About bugs

If you find any bugs, please let us know in the comments section of ci-en.
Please let us know.
We will check and fix them and distribute a patch.

Introduction of the characters

Beni Akezuzu

Head of the detective department.
He is an agent of “Banshitsu” and his code name is Sirius.
He can’t be honest with his favorite Nadeko…

Nadeko Shiratora

Vice director of the detective division.
She is a stopper and partner for Beni, who tends to go out of control.
When she is attacked by a monster, she immediately falls in love with him.

Yurika Onizuka

President of the student council.
She is a dependable young lady with a good command of both the literary and military arts.
However, she is not very good at wearing rouge… She is one of the eight suspects.

Anna Maple Inukai

The advisor of the detective club.
Homeroom teacher of BENI’s class.
She is a half-blonde-haired returnee. She resists pleasure brainwashing, but…

Iruka Suzukake

Former head of the detective club.
He is a year older than Beni and his friends.
She loves mystery novels, but has never been able to guess the murderer…

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Agent/Sirius~ kairaku zeijaku na kanojo da tte gakuen wo sennou kaijintachi kara mamoritai!~ – RJ388166” and use it.

Download Save Data

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