Bloodroot RJ388692 Save Data

Bloodroot RJ388692 Save Data



A great war between the Everyman and the Demon occurred, and the Everyman gained the power of the Demon, but they were finally no match for the Demon’s army.
A half-demon witch overthrew the demon king and became the victor of the war, and the world slowly entered a time of rebirth.

The “army of fresh blood” led by the half-demon witch and the “warriors of the church” use magic and miracles to counteract the power of demons and purify the madmen.
Once a warrior of the church, she also made it her profession.

One day, she hears information about her friend “Ulysse,” who grew up in the same church and whose whereabouts were unknown, and heads for the hierarchical city.


A magical swordsman who was once a warrior of the church. He uses magic of darkness and light and weapons generated by magic power.

Crossed Sword of Brilliance Ulysse
A friend of the main character whom he met in church a long time ago. He uses a large cross-shaped sword and a miracle of light.

Knight of Fresh Blood Crow
A swordsman who follows a half-demon witch.
He uses the magic of fresh blood and a sword created by the magic of blood.

■Colorless Inquirer Lily
A girl who was once a member of a family that defeated demons.
She uses a stabbing sword with excellent magical power flow, and uses stabbing and kicking attacks and a magic sword with highly mobile movements using a magic device.

The Reaper in Black
A woman in black who can be seen in the hierarchical city. She cuts down rotten tree-blooded people with a black scythe.
She uses black-colored magic accompanied by a miasma of rotting roots and a scythe with a black blade.

Marika, the Wizard of Colorful Light
Living in the Eternity of Time

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