Majo wa fukushuu no yoru ni RJ405582 Save Data

Majo wa fukushuu no yoru ni RJ405582 Save Data


2D So0r-like erotic action! Features rich H-scenes, exploration, combat, growth, and builds!

-The story of a witch who has lost everything in a witch hunt and seeks revenge.

Can the witch Aradia take revenge on the church by fighting off the demons and demon corrupters that attack her in this dark fantasy world?
2D soul-like erotic action! An authentic ACT/RPG with abundant H-scenes, exploration, combat, growth, and builds.

Gamepad (Xinput) recommended.
Monitor resolution 16:9 recommended.


Aradia, a witch who lost everything in a witch hunt by the church.
She swore revenge, but will she be able to defeat the demons and demon-corrupters that attack her and achieve her revenge?


Dark fantasy worldview
Some scenes contain extreme expressions such as bloodshed and violence.
There are also several R18 scenes with bloodshed and loss of body parts, but the gore can be switched on and off by option.
If you turn them off, they will be completely blacked out and invisible.
In the case of enemies with gore, the word “FATALYTY” will appear when you are caught in a R18 scene, so please escape from the scene.

Abundant H-scenes and galleries are provided.
There are more than 70 H-scenes in the game, including enemies and erotic traps!
When you are downed by an enemy’s powerful attack and the enemy makes contact with you, you will be smoothly transferred to the H-scene.
There are about 10 to 20 different animations for each enemy, and you can smoothly

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After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Majo wa fukushuu no yoru ni RJ405582” and use it.

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