Minarai taimashi to sexual harassment shiken RJ410446 Save Data

Minarai taimashi to sexual harassment shiken RJ410446 Save Data


A young lady from a famous family gets corrupted by a dirty uncle!

The main character, Rin Yozakura, challenges her long-cherished dream of taking the exam to become a demon exorcist.
However, the examiner who came there was the most sexually harassing man in the neighborhood!
While enduring the examiner’s persistent gaze, and sometimes sexual harassment
Rin tries her best to pass the exam.

But worst of all, Rin’s power as a demon exorcist is taken away by a trap.

The only way to regain her power is to have sex with the examiner. ……
Rin tries to pass the exam with only her own power, but the examiner’s vulgar desires make her lose her power.
However, the examiner’s lowly desires gradually train her…

The situations include breast rubbing, blowjob, nipple sucking, handjob, and titjob,
 Normal position, Doggy Style, Kissing Normal Position, Internet Delivery, Shadow Rape (sex through a shoji) ……, etc. 14 kinds!
 Slowly, slowly, and gently fall into the pleasure!
 In your own room…… outside……, you are baited to pass the exam……
 Sometimes they are raped while being made to confess their first love!
 Recommended for those who like beautiful girls who fall into the role of a useless pole!

Auto mode, skip unread/read function

BGM, panting, blowjob, insertion, and ejaculation sounds are played during R18 events.
 (*The moaning sound and blowjob sound are generic voices, not full voice.
 Mute and volume can be adjusted from the settings screen.

Event selection type ADV that makes it hard to branch off and forget to take events.
 The game is designed to progress through normal events and aim for R18 events.

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Minarai taimashi to sexual harassment shiken RJ410446” and use it.

Download Save Data

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