Shiraboshiburoo RJ435903 Save Data

Shiraboshiburoo RJ435903 Save Data


An adult RPG where you battle by “inputting” commands!

Added content from Ver. 1.10.

 To stop the outburst of the demon king who came back from the seal 100 years ago,
 The main characters struggle to stop the Demon King who was resurrected from the sealed off 100 years ago.

 For those who want to fully understand the story, a brief synopsis is provided in the game.
 There is also a message skip function for those who do not care about the story.

Event Scenes
 More than 15 types of event scenes centering on main characters + mini-events
  (from story events, sub-events, defeat events, etc.)
 Main genres
  Restraints, Tentacles, Nakadashi, Bote-belly, Tools, etc. (Please check the introduction and sample images.)
 Some event scenes and images will change if certain conditions are met during the game.
 After clearing the game, you can check each event scene in the recollection room.

 One event scene has been added since Ver. 1.10.

Battle System
 The main flow of the battle is the same as the command battle, but in this title, the battle is performed by “command input” (the player presses a button according to the command displayed on the screen).
 (The player presses buttons (keyboard) according to the commands displayed on the screen.)
 Depending on the player’s operations and actions, this system allows the player to clear the game without struggling to raise the level of the game.
 The game offers a selection of game difficulty levels, a tutorial, and a help function for when you need it.

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Shiraboshiburoo RJ435903” and use it.

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