Seikimatsu OVERCOME – Get Ready – RJ437397 Save Data

Seikimatsu OVERCOME – Get Ready – RJ437397 Save Data


About this game

★ Updates ★
Product version 1.00
Trial version 1.01

The End of the Century OVERCOME Story
The end of the century where Mohawked delinquents are spreading!

Throw yourself into the battle for the Philosopher’s Stone.
Overcome difficulties with girls in the apocalypse world!

Fighting game-like Bocoska battles with your fists!
Fight each other to the bitter end with the four-way controller!
Fighting game-like exhilarating battles!

H-scenes ★
Dot animation & dot CG animation!
Spend a hot night with cute girls!

Game Experience・Mouse required ★
Mouse operation is the main this time!
Click to play just like a touch operation on a smartphone!

★ Produced with RPG Tskool MV.
Please note that bug fixes and additional events may be added.
Please register as a member (login) before purchasing.

This time, mouse operation is the main thing!

Click with the mouse! Repeat conversations to make friends with the girls!

Dot character storyline!

Dot characters and face animations are used to tell the story.

Fighting game style Bocoska battle!

Keyboard & mouse support. Controller available.

A hot night with heroines!

Mini-animation with dot-H animation and dot-CG!

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After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Seikimatsu OVERCOME – Get Ready – RJ437397” and use it.

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