Libido~ in/hiyaku ran ?? RJ439148 Save Data

Libido~ in/hiyaku ran ?? RJ439148 Save Data



The main character, Umito Kurosaka, is a student at a prestigious school.
He is to participate in a study camp held during the school’s summer vacation,
There, he is told by his homeroom teacher, Shinrai Nedori, that the camp is about sex,
The camp is about sex, and he is locked up in a dormitory.
Can Kurosaka Kaito (the player) escape this predicament?

ver.101 Fixed a problem with Shion and Erika joining the party in the science lab.
ver.102 Fixed a problem in which an event would not progress in the soap classroom after using a key item obtained at the theater during Erika’s party.
Ver. 1.03 Fixed a problem where key items can be picked up repeatedly in the craft room.
      Fixed a problem in which characters remain in the laundry room.
Ver. 1.04 Fixed an issue where Noel would join the party after leaving the library during a poetry party.
Ver. 1.05 Fixed a typographical error.
Ver.1.1 Updated. Added a recollection room and scene.
Ver. 1.11 Fixed a problem that Erika joins the party when acquiring the SD card in route 3.
      Fixed other bugs.


There are five heroines in total.
From left to right,
Maho Kawamiya (assistant homeroom teacher)
Arisa Hoshizuki (classmate)
Erika Kiriya (classmate)
Houjou Shion (classmate)

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