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‘Why did they hire me?”

She left her job after six months and worked part-time for several years without obtaining any qualifications.

Normally speaking, there is no way they would hire a woman with such a background as the president’s secretary.

Your question is quite reasonable.

I replied that the most important part of a secretary’s job is to be the ‘face’ of the company.

She blushed.

I guess she has little experience in receiving compliments on her appearance.

She said, “For the time being, you will receive training for today. There is a secretary’s office, so you can study there.

Yes, sir. ……

She went into the secretary’s office.

After closing the door, I relaxed my cheeks.

She doesn’t know what is going to happen to her. ……

I had no idea that Masa was going to give her body to me. ……


Eri Sakura (CV: Riko Amamori)

She is quiet and weak to push. She has a character that cannot say no when strongly asked to do so.

She once found a job, but was bullied at work and resigned after six months.

After that, she worked part-time to make a living, but life was tough and she sometimes accumulated rent and other expenses.

When she was recommended to be evicted from her apartment, she applied for a job as a live-in secretary to the president of the company.

She said, “It’s terrible…this is how …… my first time was …….”

Shoma Kitazawa

Shoma Kitazawa is the successful young president of an up-and-coming company.

The way he has made his company thrive is by using his secretary’s body.

The previous secretary fell into pleasure and broke her heart, so the next secretary

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