Netorare sennyuu chousa~ koibito spy no a e ochi ninmu~ RJ01179300 Save Data

Netorare sennyuu chousa~ koibito spy no a e ochi ninmu~ RJ01179300 Save Data


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~ Synopsis and Summary~.

The protagonist, who works as a corporate spy, and his girlfriend, Konomi.

This time, their mission is to obtain evidence of collusion between a certain company and a public institution. Konomi is to infiltrate directly into the company while he is distracted by a man who is an executive.

In a building protected by many guards, he searches for his objective while evading surveillance. In the midst of all this, he wonders.

What is she doing with the man she has infiltrated?

‘They just eat,’ ‘talk,’ ‘don’t even let them touch their bodies.’

These were the answers that came back to me when I asked Konomi herself. But I had a hunch, almost a certainty.

She is doing something more than that.

Something with a look on her face that she has never shown even to herself.

~Game Introduction~.
This is a game where you have to sneak into a building without being found by security.
Click on the screen to select your destination and aim for the desired location.
The screen will show your girlfriend in contact with the man you are infiltrating. Please enjoy infiltrating the building while watching her doing something secret to the main character.
Time advances with each move, and the ending will change depending on the time spent.

~Character Introduction~.

A man working as a corporate spy. He suspects that his girlfriend is doing something when he is not looking.
If a female spy is in contact with a man, she has something she can use.

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