Yamauba no iru ie de RJ01186681 Save Data

Yamauba no iru ie de RJ01186681 Save Data


Reverse rape 3D action escape game! (Slight horror) Here it comes!

You wake up in a mysterious mansion. The house smells dangerous.
You manage to escape by using money or other means.

This is a reverse rape 3D action game for M-men, based on the fairy tale “The Three Bills”.
This is a reverse rape 3D action escape game for M-men.

All the viewpoints are from the first-person perspective, and the girls are fully voiced!
Enjoy the honeymoon with these girls!

If they catch you, they’ll squeeze the sperm out of you!

There are girls wandering around the mansion trying to squeeze out your sperm!
Avoid the roaming girls and use the money to escape from the mansion!

But! Don’t give up even if you get caught!
You can escape by resisting with correct sentences!

You can also persevere.
Don’t let them get away with what they want!

WASD:Select word
Right/Left click: Scratch your feet
Mouse control: move viewpoint

All controls are first person + seamless!

dark and suddenly animated sex acts
and the like are all eliminated!

You can resist even when you are caught, and you can change the direction of your face!
Animations and systems that emphasize “realism” and “the feeling of being raped” are realized!

game specification

12 sex situations
More than 40 types of 3D sex animations
Estimated play time: 2~4 hours
Number of recorded voices: 300 words

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After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Yamauba no iru ie de RJ01186681” and use it.

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