Ano natsu – bi ? no natsuyasumi RJ01187378 Save Data

Ano natsu – bi ? no natsuyasumi RJ01187378 Save Data


The events of a high school girl with big tits during her summer vacation and the various futures that follow (a multi-ending exploratory RPG).

Game description:.

During the summer vacation, you control the main character and explore freely. From your own town to the neighboring town, the high school you attend, the bustling city center and the dilapidated port, and even vacation beaches and vacation homes. Meet different people, find interesting summer part-time jobs, and face different consequences after the summer vacation is over.

As well as a quick attribute window,
There is also a recollection room for events,
There is also a switch to open all recollections.

There are more than 140 events,
more than 305 event CGs with no duplicates,
more than 20 costumes.

This game was created in Traditional Chinese and the Japanese and English translations may have some flaws. Please be aware of this if it bothers you.

Juggling Outline:.

The master manipulator is free to explore during the summer holidays, from small towns, neighborhoods, and high schools, to busy cities and bustling harbors, and even to holiday seaside and villa areas.
You will meet various kinds of people, find various kinds of interesting hot season construction, and then you will get the same end result after the summer vacation.

Except for the windows, you will have an easy way to recall the incident.
Also equipped with a case recollection room, too.
All the recollections will be opened.

More than 140 incidents, 305 non-overlapping incidents
305 incidents CG, over 20 perforations.
More than 20 pictures.

Warning: This game is made in Traditional Chinese.
This game is made in Traditional Chinese, but there are some flaws in the Japanese and English translations, so please take them into consideration.

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