You koso! succubus no kuni e! RJ01188589 Save Data

You koso! succubus no kuni e! RJ01188589 Save Data


Outline of the work


More than 50 succubus with rich personalities will attack you with a variety of colorful tricks!

If you are defeated, they will squeeze you without question!

Not only during battle, but also during exploration, seduction events may occur…?


Deep in a certain forest, the hero, a brave man who fights to save humans, is searching for a solution to a case in which an unknown demon is kidnapping people.

Suddenly, a beautiful female looking demon “Succubus” appears, and the hero, who is fascinated by the thick pheromones she emits, is raped by Succubus and his consciousness falls into the darkness.

The next time the hero awakes, he finds himself in a world different from the one he was in, a world where succubus are everywhere.

In order to return to his original world, he begins his search, resisting the temptations of the succubus.

The points of emphasis

Seduction attack of succubus.

All the attacks from the opponent are only seduction!

They will try to make you succumb by showing their boobs or throwing kisses at you!

If you lose, you will be raped by Succubus!

If you lose to the succubus, she will naturally take off your pants and squeeze your sperm out of you! She will fuck you in various ways such as titjob, handjob, footjob, etc.!

When she wants to lose, she masturbates.

If you want to be fucked by Succubus immediately, you can use one of the techniques, “masturbation”, and you will be defeated and ejaculated instantly h

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After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “You koso! succubus no kuni e! RJ01188589” and use it.

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