A e kao no mori~ Forest of Ahheee!!~ RJ01190100 Save Data

A e kao no mori~ Forest of Ahheee!!~ RJ01190100 Save Data


AHHHHHHH!!! Dusky exploration RPG!

Fat Story

 The heroine “Shelly”, a demon exterminator by profession, enters the “Forbidden Forest” where many people have gone missing.
 She immediately rescues a demon girl named Arin, who was being attacked by demons, and together they dive deep into the forest to protect her.
 The journey to reveal the forbidden secret begins in the forest, which is riddled with dusky abnormalities. ……!

About the ◯H element

H event
 28 basic CGs. These events occur when you are defeated by certain demons or caught in a trap on the map. The events are mainly about the process of getting into the dirty state described below, and are extreme and of a maximum perversion level.
 The H-events can be viewed in the recollection room when the conditions are met. Also, with the exception of the extras, 26 events can be released immediately after the start of the game!

Dusky standing pictures
 Petrification, slime, plant parasitism, swallowing, boobification……, etc., are all waiting for the heroine, and the standing picture will change when the heroine is affected by these abnormalities.

When the heroine is under the abnormal state, her standing picture will change.
 From the orthodox ones such as the degree of lewdness and the number of times she has used her pussy to the more maniacal ones such as the number of times her body has been transformed by each of the dirty status abnormalities, the number of times she has spawned, and more.

Heroines Shelly and Aline. They are transformed into a dusky figure by a condition ……

0 Sherry

A lonely girl swordsman. A sword of excellence.

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “A e kao no mori~ Forest of Ahheee!!~ RJ01190100” and use it.

Download Save Data

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