Machi no uwasa no uragawa no RJ430985 Save Data

Machi no uwasa no uragawa no RJ430985 Save Data


Nostalgic horror comedy RPG inspired by the occult boom!

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Planning and Production:Kazuki Ichimori



It is basically an exploration RPG without combat. The game progresses by hearing rumors and heading to the location to investigate.

The game adopts an open world system with a high degree of freedom. You can start from any heroine.

Use the time switch function to switch between daytime, evening, and nighttime, and go peeking into the secrets of the city.

The contents are basically mini-games. The difficulty level is low. The gameplay is that it is interesting to walk around the city where rumors are whispered and discover the other side of the rumors.

■About Erotic Events

Once the conditions are met, the hero may have only one heroine accompany him!

When the heroine accompanies the heroine, the heroine can have sex with the heroine at any time.

Only the first sex scene with each heroine can be recalled from the book on the desk in the hero’s room.

■Heroine, world view and H-scene

It has a unique atmosphere that allows the viewer to go back and forth between the different worldviews that cohabited during the occult boom.

Seven Wonders of School and Hanako-san of the Toilet

The Town of Yokai and the Fox Girl

The merchant

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