Kagura shinpuuki~ Mikuru no shou~ VJ01001383 Save Data

Kagura shinpuuki~ Mikuru no shou~ VJ01001383 Save Data


Summary of the work

This work is the latest in the “Kagura” series, which has been well received and has become a popular series for our company.

As with “Kagura Reimeiki,” a “rogue RPG about a shrine maiden that can be played over and over again,” this title allows you to easily enjoy “a different type of heroine and a different kind of rape with a different type of monster each time you play.

You can easily enjoy “different types of heroines and different types of yokai” every time you play the game.

You will enjoy the powered-up Reimeki with the addition of H scenes with different yokai, bad endings, etc.

Rogue-type RPG part

This title adopts a rogue-type RPG, and the shape of the dungeon and the placement of enemies change each time.

The battle characters are 3D, and the “Hyakki Yagyo System” and the “Reimei System”, which have been popular in the Kagura Reimei series to date, are used in the game.

The “Hyakki Yagyo System” and the “Yokai Furiwake System” are also included.

Strengthen the yokai you have joined to fight against monsters!

H-scenes with yokai

The special feature of the Kagura series is the interspecies sex with yokai.

This is a low-priced software that allows you to enjoy it easily and deeply.

There are 18 H-scenes with yokai, and you can enjoy more intense H-scenes if you are a virgin or a non-virgin, or if you are attacked by the same yokai a second time or later.

In addition, by focusing on one character each time and depicting H-scenes between that heroine and the yokai,

The heroine’s personality, sexuality, and other characteristics will be revealed in the H-scenes.

Bad endings have been added.

We have added several bad endings that have been requested by those who have played the Kagura Reimeki series.

If certain conditions are met

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