Cyan/record – rakudai kishi no kan’inroku – RJ01055489 Save Data

Cyan/record – rakudai kishi no kan’inroku – RJ01055489 Save Data


Welcome to the world of magic, lust and… cyanide records!

Virginity play is available! In a world where magic = pheromones, can Yuy keep her purity? ……!

The main story is about a forced situation.

Easy for everyone! Command style battle!

Three difficulty levels are available: “Crunchy” for those who want a quick and easy exit, “Normal” for those who can enjoy the game as an RPG, and “Solid” for those who want to fight with all their might!

The goal is to relive the girl’s life. Depending on your choice, you can play pure love or virginity!

This is the kind of game!

You can’t feel safe in the city.

Men attracted by her pheromones will approach Yuy in any way they can …….

This is recommended for those who like to see girls who are a little clueless about H things being cheated on, raped, and prostituted.

Combat erotica and defeat erotica are available!

Use what little magic power you have left to advance your adventure!

If you lose, the monsters may do whatever they want to you. ……?

All the battle scenes are Live2D!

During his adventure, Yuy meets four people who will influence his destiny.

Will they turn Yuy’s life around or…?

All of them have echigo scenes and can individually receive EDs!

The “Hajimete Report” is equipped to record the “firsts” of the main character, Yuy.

First time ejaculation, first time kissing, first time anal intercourse, first time prostitution….

Your own “Hajimete

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How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Cyan/record – rakudai kishi no kan’inroku – RJ01055489” and use it.

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