Dopyu to golf densetsu RJ01117836 Save Data

Dopyu to golf densetsu RJ01117836 Save Data


Touch + Easy Golf! Massive moving Live2d erotic scenes!

This title has a large number of Live2D models (about 80 models + 1,000 motions)!

The map is also composed of original dots! Let’s do this and that on a realistic golf course!

This game was created with RPG Toolkool MV.

This time it’s NTR with golf!

Erotic scenes that move anyway!

In the erotic scenes, you can “touch” the heroines to increase their erotic sensitivity!

Of course! Observe their facial expressions and behavior, and give them the right touch.

Easy operation even for inexperienced golfers! Easy rules!

I have never played golf before! It’s okay if you have never played golf before!

Easy and simple golf! The goal is to get a cup in with the girls!

While golfing… of course! Mess with him!!!!

Naturally, you don’t wait to be “quiet” when it comes to golf shots!

Be a “gentleman” and instruct your heroines.

Many more…!

7 heroines in total!

Lip-sync compatible

Touchable standing pictures!

Make the heroines “yours”!

Erotic status to watch and observe

Deep Mode.

Dive into the depths of the heroines’ hearts

and seize the secrets you never knew.

Heroines with a difference!

Which one is your favorite?

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