Yuuwaku no succubus RJ01136408 Save Data

Yuuwaku no succubus RJ01136408 Save Data


☆ Story ☆

A brave man defeats the Demon King and enjoys a brief moment of peace….

A new race of “whores” emerges.

Women have no way to become whore demons, and through a phenomenon called “lewdness,” they become like humans and attack them,

They become lewd demons and attack humans.

Men are easily squeezed to death by the sexual torment of the whore.

In the blink of an eye, the human race is being hunted down, and a brave man who has come of age rises to his feet…!

The difficult story is secondary,

It is an RPG to enjoy the hero who is squeezed to death by various lewd demons!

Scene List


 Lecture on sperm delivery (Vertical titjob)

Blonde Succubus Battle

 Normal Defeat (No-Hand Ejaculation)

 Begging for life seduction (Ass job)

 Defeat by begging (Tit Seduction)

 Defeat Scene (Death by Incontinence)

Flat-chested elf

 Normal defeat (foot job with agitation)

 Defeat by begging (foot job)

 Begging for life seduction (Tits seduction)

 Defeat scene (incontinence death)

Childhood friend Alice

 Normal defeat(Rough cock stirring)

 Begging for life (seduction with kiss)

 Defeat by begging (Observation of big tits)

 Defeat scene(Incontinence)

Slime girl

 Normal defeat(Swallowing and foot job)

 Begging for life seduction(Poison slime nipple fuck)

 Defeat scene(Abuse by childhood friend who discovered)

Three maid girls

 Event(Blowjob & cum burp)


Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Yuuwaku no succubus RJ01136408” and use it.

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