In rei taimashi kaede RJ01137254 Save Data

In rei taimashi kaede RJ01137254 Save Data



♦Synopsis ♦
The name of …… is “lewd spirit” that does naughty things and does bad things.
Kaede” is a big-breasted and high-spirited demon exorcist who is on a mission to exorcise the lewd spirit.
She is ordered to solve a disappearance case involving a lewd spirit and is sent to a rural area deep in the mountains.
Various lewd spirits attack her there.
The villagers sexually harass her for any reason they can think of.
They set up naughty traps for him.
And what is engraved is a baste …… called a “lewd curse”.
Can Kaede really solve the disappearance case? ……

Standard battle x restraint x standing picture erotica!

If you are half naked, you are restrained!
If your clothes are damaged and torn, the lewd spirits will restrain you and suck out your spiritual power in a naughty act!
If you don’t shake them off quickly, they will escalate and …….

Reactions change depending on the number of climaxes!
Kaede’s reaction changes depending on the number of times she climaxes.
Her reaction will change little by little
and other reactions will change little by little!

Of course there are sexual harassment elements!
You will be sexually harassed by villagers in the village and by lewd spirits in the hamlet!
If you don’t get off the hook right away, you’ll be made to cum. ……?

Restraint eroticism and defeat CG scenes change with the degree of lewdness!
Restraint erotica and CG scenes change as she falls into lewdness!
Kaede, who had been negative about eroticism, is so absorbed in the sense of immorality that she seeks out eroticism on her own. ……

combat episode

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