Matsukuri shoujo otomeetia~ nama haishinchuu!~ RJ01118122 Save Data

Matsukuri shoujo otomeetia~ nama haishinchuu!~ RJ01118122 Save Data


The senior heroine is the master of evil!

Magical Girl Otometia” is the successor to the legendary hero “Magical Girl Arcana Maiden”, who can no longer fight.
She fights against the evil organization “Nonotux” under the direction of her senior, Arcana Maiden!

……, but in fact, Arcana Maiden is the head of Nonotix himself and the mastermind behind it!
And Otometia’s fights were secretly filmed for money and broadcast live all over the country!

Will Otométia, the “Demon Girl” created by Nonotix, be able to reach the truth at the end of the battle?
Or will she be defeated by her enemies and expose her shameful appearance in front of the cameras? ……! (*)

*Please be assured that even if you win, you will be exposed to embarrassment.

erotic scene

Erotic scenes occur whether you win or lose.
Don’t take it easy on yourself and fight as hard as you can. …… on the day!

If you lose, you will be raped, if you win, you will be humiliated!

If Otometia loses a boss fight, the boss will rape her or brainwash her into having sex with combatants or civilians.

On the other hand, if you beat the boss, you may have to leave with your clothes ripped off, or you may have to put out the fuse of a bomb with your pee. ……

Otometia Dangerous! There are many dangers along the way!

Depending on the enemies and traps during the mission, Otometia’s su

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After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Matsukuri shoujo otomeetia~ nama haishinchuu!~ RJ01118122” and use it.

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