Inochi ni kaete mo omamori shimasu! RJ01170054 Save Data

Inochi ni kaete mo omamori shimasu! RJ01170054 Save Data


Samurai girl from the East x Princess from another country!

Mikage, a swordsman from the East, went to the continent to train as a warrior and earns money by fulfilling the guild’s daily requests.

Then, he receives a request from a group of princesses from the recently defeated “Kingdom of Markut” to escort them…!

The princess of the exiled kingdom is sent on a journey of “exile” through enemy territory to protect her allies…!

Will she be able to protect the beautiful princess and her new master from the evil hands of the enemy?

If she is caught, it will be her last day, and there is no end in sight for her “interrogation” and “rape”!

In order to make the princess reveal her whereabouts, the enemy soldiers leave no stone unturned.

But she, too, is a warrior.

She will not easily give in to her enemies “no matter what it takes.

If the princess falls into the hands of the enemy, it is the end of everything.

And it is not only the enemy soldiers who are attracted by her beauty.

Protect your lord’s princess even at the cost of your life!

Beautiful CG…and the heroine in the H scene is fully voiced.

Easy Mode” for those who don’t have much time!

 →ÆIt is possible to clear the game quickly and ignore the enemy fishes by equipping the most powerful weapon from the beginning!

Ÿ “Instant Lose Item” for easy viewing of H-scenes!

All the rooms of recollections can be opened by clearing the game!

Heroine Introduction (1)


Height 162cm

Personality: Soft-spoken, but strong and core.

He is from the eastern part of the country that came to the continent.

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After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Inochi ni kaete mo omamori shimasu! RJ01170054” and use it.

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