Valcute Versus EXtasy RJ01143108 Save Data

Valcute Versus EXtasy RJ01143108 Save Data



This story is a continuation of the previous Valcute Versus, but it is not necessary to have played it before.

The new R18 status adds direct erotic elements such as penetration and descriptions of the pubic area.
However, the concept of this work is mainly based on the element of a righteous heroine being beaten by an evil heroine, and we hope you will enjoy the more sexually explicit and fetishistic world.

This is an RPG specializing in one-on-one combat. It develops only in the conversation/preparation part and the battle part.
Combat is a turn-based command battle.
Three types of attack techniques: weak, strong, and throw.
Two types of defensive techniques, guarding and evading, determine the superiority of the attack, and the advantageous side’s technique is performed.
The game unfolds like a fighting game, requiring the player to keep track of his/her physical, H (heat), and ST (stamina) gauges, as well as skill points.
The more attacks you hit in a row, the higher your attack level and the more powerful your moves.
New equipment and techniques can be acquired with the DP gained from each battle.
However, Ivilla also becomes stronger with each battle and learns new techniques. The number of techniques greatly exceeds that of the previous title, with more than 60 attack techniques alone!

Character Introduction

A girl-shaped android. Equipped with a learning AI, she has acquired excellent physical abilities and fighting skills through her battles with the alien Ivira. She is vulnerable to mental shaking.
When she encounters Ivira, who has gone missing

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After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Valcute Versus EXtasy RJ01143108” and use it.

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