MILFHEROS in’yoku ni somaru hitozuma senshi RJ01169385 Save Data

MILFHEROS in’yoku ni somaru hitozuma senshi RJ01169385 Save Data


RPG about a MILF hero being corrupted.

Married woman with child Kohar

She was a housewife and a superhero at the same time.

One day, she and her husband, who is also a superhero, attempt to defeat a villain.

However, her husband is infected with a “sexual arousal virus” created by the villain.

The villain escapes and spreads the “sexual arousal virus” in the town where the hero lives…

The heroes’ friends are at the mercy of the chaotic situation…

Infected and rutting citizens…

Those who try to take advantage of this situation to gain an upper hand against the heroes…

And the villains who have disappeared and can never be found…

In this dangerous situation, will Kohar and the other heroes be able to defeat the villains safely?

Character Introduction

Koharu: Hero with super powers who manipulates electricity (housewife, age 32)

Has super power to manipulate electricity

Captured by a villain, she has a constitution that produces breast milk.

When the villain escaped, a viral outbreak broke out, and her husband was infected and taken away.

Misao: former hero who uses psychokinesis (school nurse, age 42)

Has a husband who works at a TV station, but does not tell him she is a hero.

Facing a viral outbreak at school, she tries to escape after saving her students.

Ryoko: Former fighter under Vilan’s command (doctor, about 27 years old)

Kohar and his friends are being killed by the villan.

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