Dosukebepurizunaa/koodo SEX RJ01146613 Save Data

Dosukebepurizunaa/koodo SEX RJ01146613 Save Data


An RPG with unique heroines and a dirty, dark fall!

Fat Story

A new sex worker is assigned to “Deal Saver Keep Barrier”, a.k.a. “Doskebe”, a huge correctional facility that houses people with abnormal sexual desires.
She is a fake sex observer who was deprived of her lover’s sexual desire by the facility and underwent a sex change through experimentation to take revenge.
She controls and darkens the differently abled people trapped in the facility and uses them as pawns to uncover the facility’s secrets. ……

What kind of game is it?

The game is a game in which you uncover the secrets of the facility you have infiltrated while completing missions on the base map.

The heroine “Aoi” will be responsible for exploring the facility, taking missions, and monitoring abnormal sexual desire aliens.

The shortcut to uncovering the secrets of the facility is to dominate and use the inmates.
You can monitor and sometimes communicate with them on the inmate map.
Then, under certain conditions, the aberrant heterosexuals will escape to a dedicated map.
If the escapee is defeated and brought back, a punishment H event will occur.
After their training and dark corruption events, use them as pawns and challenge the mysteries of the facility.

Dirty inmates with rich personalities

Dr. Methuselah.

A masturbation-crazed genius inventor.
He teams up with Aoi and struggles to solve the mysteries of the facility.
She has a complex about her short stature,
He wears boots with super-thick soles.


A deformed follower with healing powers.
She often says and does dangerous things.
Forbidden to touch pussy.

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Dosukebepurizunaa/koodo SEX RJ01146613” and use it.

Download Save Data

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