IF quartetto RJ01160970 Save Data

IF quartetto RJ01160970 Save Data


Eight “IF” stories by past heroines

This is an omnibus-type reminiscence game that combines additional H scenes from the four titles currently on sale into one.

Contents of Scenes

The first work “Yusha-sama wa Ore no Yome ni Yome! From the first work

H scene with bandit boss

H scene with Emma(*)

An erotic old man who plays a prank on the main character in the movie.

From the second work “Hiradan: Idol Chairman Toru Hirazaka is thrown into a dungeon

H scene with Ryuzaki

H scene with Mikichi

From the third work, “Saya the Sword Girl: Cool Rikujo, Thrown Into Another World’s Shukubamachi

H-scene with a classmate in the real world

Prostitution scene with a businessman (uncle) in the real world

From the fourth work “Divagate

H scene with Udo

H scene with Rayz(*)

A guy in a visual-kei band who appears in the film.

Even if you haven’t played each series, you can still enjoy the game.

In addition to character introductions, a brief backstory is provided for each scene.

In addition to character introductions, a brief backstory is provided for each scene, so that even those who have not played the series can enjoy the game to some extent.

Heroines (Due to the nature of this game, the introduction contains a minimum of spoilers)

Artia Linius

The hero is my wife! The main character.

He has no talent to handle magic, but he is good at fighting with a dagger (or two swords).

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