Thread eve army RJ188693 Save Data

Thread eve army RJ188693 Save Data


▼ Military

This is a military RPG for those with a strong military fetish.

All H-scenes are in military uniform.

The military man is not only physically strong, but also mentally strong.

Zophis was so manly that he didn’t even know what sex was.

However, he lives a double life with his guy and the military commander…he doesn’t use women’s legs for his missions.

Zophis is subjected to a series of rape and rape and questioning that destroy his pride.

He is rewarded for choosing a job at the beauty bureau and solving it…

During the mission, he is questioned and raped by the enemy’s superior officer…

Can the soldier Zophis accomplish his mission?

▼ Mission

Zophis is a soldier girl.

In order to save her younger sister, the princess, who has been taken prisoner by the enemy, Zophis sneaks into the enemy castle.

However, Zophis is also captured by the enemy.

While Zophis is at her wits’ end, a red-haired boy appears and guides her out of her prison.

In order to rescue her sister, who is also trapped in the castle, Zophis disguises herself as an officer of the enemy army and begins her search inside the castle…

The castle is a loophole that allows him to move freely within the facility for the time being.

The objective is to rescue his sister, the princess.

▼ Auxiliary Tasks

1. Conquer wild thieves at the foot of the mountain

2. Extermination of farm monsters

3. Health of military girls from the Technical Development Bureau

4. Suppression of forest monsters

5. Crackdown on illegal customs

6. Exterminate the lecherous monsters in the castle

7. Searching for bombers

8. Sick high official

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