Seikishi ris announcer kangokutou no onna rei kentoushi RJ01166926 Save Data

Seikishi ris announcer kangokutou no onna rei kentoushi RJ01166926 Save Data


RPG specializing in combat erotica

■■■ Limited Time Review Campaign!
We will give away an original comic book (not for sale) of Liana the Holy Knight to those who review this work without omission. See ci-en for details on how to apply!

Trial Version Transfer Privilege
In the trial version, you will receive bonus benefits of score points (BP) in the game, and you can also take over the main version of the game by transferring your save data as it is. Progress in the early stages of the game will be even easier.

Review campaign, bug reports, and append details at ci-en


– Jail Island

It is an isolated island located in a remote part of the kingdom to confine and rehabilitate prisoners in the kingdom.

And it is an island full of gambling and sex as entertainment for the nobility. Prisoners can have their sentences commuted by serving the nobility on the island.

The island had a dungeon in ancient times, but it was sealed off and no longer dangerous. In recent years, however, it was predicted that the devil would return. Liana, a holy knight of the kingdom, was assigned to go alone to the island to investigate the demon.

Normally, this mission should have been a simple one, thanks to Riana’s “Sanctuary” magic. However, upon entering the island, Liana lost her knight’s ID and was detained as a “smuggler,” and was declared a “female slave gladiator.

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Seikishi ris announcer kangokutou no onna rei kentoushi RJ01166926” and use it.

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